TAISHO x ALICE ep 1 – Cinderella Walkthrough

Hiiii everyone~ First walkthrough since coming back to the blog c: I’m so keen on playing this game as I’ve heard such good reviews about the story. Not sure what the recommended route for this game is, but since it’s released in episodes on PC, I will just follow them and hopefully pick a good order to play through!

In the first episode, you can choose between Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. I’ve chosen Cinderella for my first route, however I’ll make sure to update if Red Riding Hood seems like a better choice!

Route Order I will be playing:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

The man with eyes as dull as cinders

Save 1
Ask Kaguya to help

Save 2
Say “I’m sure he has a good heart under all that ash.”
Staying quiet
Suggest rebranding the cafe
I’m impressed
A bird
Very yes
Smile wordlessly
It’s his choice

Save 3
Confess the truth
Smack him

Save 4
> Happy End

Load Save 1
Give up
> Common Bad End 1

Load Save 2
Do the opposite, or change the answer of everything from under Save 2
If you can’t get it, comment below and I’ll help out 🙂
> THE Bad End 1 (Cinderella 026 -Bad End-)

Load Save 3
Confess my love
> THE Bad End 2 (Cinderella 037 -Bad End-)

Load Save 4
> Common Bad End 2

Okay, so I totally hated his guts when I initially saw what his personality was and I was blown away by how different he was. I think he’s a little precious baby and that his character development was quite nice to see and impact. For a first route, I think he’s pretty good but in saying that I haven’t done Red Riding Hood yet – however since it’s pretty obvious that the story will unfold the more routes you play, Cinderella doesn’t seem like it spoils too much of the overarching story at this time, so I think it’s good to start with him 😀

Thank you for following this walkthrough and comment below on your thoughts of Cinderella!
– Jen

Edit: I’ve changed the route order I’ll be playing to the order they appear in the music video. Luckily I did Cinderella first =P

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