TAISHO x ALICE ep 1 – Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

I’m really excited for Red Riding Hood cause all the fanfics and webtoons and other otome games that feature a Red Riding Hood character in it really intrigue me and they always manage to impress me on twists of the character. I’m hoping this game does the same, especially since I think Cinderella was done quite nicely (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

The man with the red riding hood

Save 1
Compliment his outfit
It’s more efficient
Who cares?
Give him a blanket
When giving a house tour, I don’t think the order matters as you have to choose all of them anyway
Remain calm and think of a solution
To get to know him better

Save 2
He’s uncomfortable with women
Yes, I want to do the most I can
Not sure
No, I’ll let him wake up naturally
Calm him down
Tickle him

Save 3
Tell him I forgive him
> Happy End

Load Save 1
> Common Bad End 1

Load Save 2
He’s coming down with something
> Common Bad End 2

Load Save 3
Tell him I’m no different
> THE Bad End (Red Riding Hood 039 -Bad End-)*

*A/N: You can also get this ending by selecting “No” when asked if you want to confess your feelings for him.

Oh my god, trying to find the happy end for this route was a lot harder than Cinderella’s one for some reason (;⌣̀_⌣́) I’m pretty happy with the ending though, and I didn’t expect the twist that we were deceiving him either! The fact that he’s also such a shy, closet pervert was completely a 180 from what I expected (´ ∀ ` *)

If you guys see that I’ve mistaken one of the options in the walkthrough, please let me know through the comments! Otherwise feel free to let me know your thoughts on ep 1 or a specific route as well, I’d love to start talking to some of you again! ^^

Onto ep 2!
– Jen

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