TAISHO x ALICE ep 2 – Kaguya Walkthrough

Okay, so meeting Kaguya in Cinderella’s route makes me think that he’s definitely the possessive/flirtatious/overbearing type and maybe lowkey yandere or something… idk, I’m probably wrong :’) But normally I dislike flirtatious characters the most… However I said the same thing for Cinderella and he turned out to be completely different than I had imagined (¬‿¬ )

I’m also not very familiar with the fairytale – had to look it up and it looks like it’s derived from the Kaguya-hime fairytale in Japan? I read it on the wiki and I don’t really know what they can do with that fairytale – maybe he’ll actually be a fox (?) or have to return to his own clan or something ┐(‘~`;)┌

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

A/N: There’s actually a lot of extra options that appear in Kaguya’s route, so I encourage you to quick save and explore all of them. I’ll come back and update this walkthrough with my famous colour coding once I’m done with the game.

The man wearing a mask and a cheeky grin


Save 1
Encourage him to eat it himself
Play along

Save 2

Save 3
Deny it
I decided I liked him
Ask about his lip
Change the subject

Save 4
Do you have amnesia?

Save 5

Save 6
Stroke his hair

Save 7

Save 8
The answer is still yes
Make something up
A massage?
Hold yourself back

Save 9
Because it’s the right thing to do
Keep him here on Earth
Grab Cinderella’s arm
> Happy End

Load Save 1
Turn him down
> Bad End 1

Load Save 2
> Bad End 2

Load Save 3
Any of the other 2 options
> Bad End 3

Load Save 4
Are you cutting yourself?
> Bad End 4

Load Save 5
> Bad End 5

Load Save 6
Any of the other 2 options
> Bad End 6

Load Save 7
> Bad End 7

Load Save 8
On second thought, never mind
> Bad End 8

Load Save 9
> Bad End 9

_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ This route was actually pure suffering. I spent like 9+hrs trying to get the Happy Ending and PERSONALLY, I didn’t find it worth it ;-; Remember, I dislike possessive people, and turns out, when he reveals his true self, he just showers you with his possessiveness (눈_눈) It was endearing to finally see him able to be himself though, without feeling like he was an utter piece of shit acting like a normal human being.

Also I’m stoopid, it’s not a fox, it’s a bunny that’s associated with the moon in Asia folktales. Honestly didn’t think they’d use ‘going back to the moon’ as a metaphor for DYING. This game has totally taken a darker turn.

If I’ve messed up my walkthrough in any way, please let me know in the comments below! Also I’ve seen that there’s apparently 14 bad endings for Kaguya yet I’ve only managed to find 9 – unless some of them were just in the same area but you needed to choose something else – cause I didn’t bother noting those down since they were technically pretty much the same bad ending (plus I’ll be coming back to this walkthrough to add colour coding just cause this route is so fked). I also couldn’t access the Memories section until I got his Happy Ending (not sure whether it’s supposed to work like that or not cause I’m pretty sure Ep 1 didn’t?) so yeah, I’m a bit confused… However it says I’ve unlocked everything in Kaguya’s scenes so I’ll leave it at that.

Now, onto Gretel!

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