[Stream] Twitch Report #1

Hello everyone! I’ve finished the first OtomeDreamworld stream today, with the first 1/2 (or 3/4?) of the Common Route in Cupid Parasite! The game is super vibrant and reminds me of like the 80s. I definitely don’t like a lot of the guy’s from first impression, but I know that the game will somehow turn that around and I’ll end up not being able to pick a favourite again ahaha..

Unfortunately, I am a noob at using Twitch and even though I’ve already gone through the pain of forgetting to enable saving past VODs on my personal account, I forgot to do it on our blog’s channel too…. meaning for anyone who was interested in viewing the stream when they were free, there will be no video available to look at ;-;

I have since enabled saving past broadcasts, so that mistake will not be repeated.. but I’m sorry to everyone who might have looked forward to it ;-; It will definitely start saving from next week, so I hope you tune in for that during your free time! The beginning was really just how you came to get where you were, and I’ll recap a little bit as well for the first maybe 10 min of the stream 🙂

That’s it for my fortnightly Twitch report! Next time I stream, as I’ve already mentioned I will be continuing the Common Route in Cupid Parasite. I hope to see more of you there next time, and hopefully some returning viewers 😀

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