TAISHO x ALICE ep 3 – Snow White Walkthrough

Just a quick note: Don’t scroll below the solid line at the bottom of any of my walkthroughs as they contain spoilers about the overall route story.

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

Ask him for his name
Yes, quite easily
Heck yeah!
Ask if there’s anything he hates
Snow White
A literary book

Save 1
Because I’m not an only child
A dream
> Happy Ending

Load Save 1
Because my parents never existed to begin with
> Bad End
* Repeat this 5 times to get all of the Wizard’s Role Bad Ends
(please let me know if this doesn’t actually work)

Snow White makes me sad (。•́︿•̀。) Imagine figuring out that you’re not actually real and that you’re just a personality inside someone else. That your ‘mother’ is not actually yours, but someone else’s mum. His whole thing with not being able to eat anything BUT the rotten apple pie was also such a good UNO-reverse on Snow White’s apple trope thing. Understanding Snow’s route was so hard to me though, at the beginning anyway, since I have a pea-sized brain, but as I read more and got deeper into his route, I was like “Oooohh, he saw Alice’s face in the mirror, not his own face” and everything hit me at once Σ(°ロ°)

Anyway, Snow was originally one of my favs from first look, but isn’t one of my favs story-wise, but he’s still cute and I love him and the fact that he’s utterly useless in any daily life activity ♡( ◡‿◡ ) Though MC is gonna fix him, hopefully.

Please let me know if there’s anything I’ve done wrong in the guide or if it’s not 100%!

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