TAISHO x ALICE – Epilogue Walkthrough

Just a quick note: Don’t scroll below the solid line at the bottom of any of my walkthroughs as they contain spoilers about the overall route story.

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

Save 1
Tell him he’s good with his hands
Agree with him
He seems a bit different
Feed him
If only we could run it together!
Comment on the tea
Praise his effort
Tell him he sounds confident

Save 2
> True Happy Ending

Load 1
Opposite of everything chosen for the True Ending
> Bad End

Load 2
> Happy Ending with different CG


I actually really liked Alice/Alistair. I really liked the ending. I won’t ramble about it here though, since I’m planning on making a review. I knew I’d end up liking Alice a lot even though he has a big mouth. I just didn’t think he was actually a meek little kid. At one point I was like “How the hell did this loudmouth want to trap himself in the dreaming world, he can tackle anything with that big mouth.” XD

He’s such a precious little thing, both personalities of him. I want to cuddle him ;-;

As always, let me know if there’s anything I need to change in the walkthrough, and I hope you’ve enjoyed playing this game as much as I have!

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