[News] New Game from Cheritz Coming Soon!

It’s here, it’s here, IT’S FINALLY HERE! Four years of waiting, and Cheritz has finally delivered! That’s right, The Ssum is coming back this May, baby!

Some of you may know the game and what it’s about, but for those of you who don’t, The Ssum is a messenger game, similar to the famed Mystic Messenger, where you interact with your special Ssum-one through texts and voice calls every day!


  • Name: The Ssum: Forbidden Lab
  • Developer: Cheritz
  • Release Date: 11th May 2022
  • Platforms: Android | iOS
  • Languages: English | 한글

Ssumone who wakes me up every morning…

Sometimes lovey-dovey, sometimes arguing – a relationship that matures…

The Ssum is an application where you can form and deepen a relationship with a virtual companion through text messages, voice calls and social media posts on a daily basis. There are 200 days’ worth of interactions with the first release, and more to come in the future!

While The Ssum sounds similar to Mystic Messenger, it isn’t as hectic and is more on the relaxing side. Not only will you be only talking to one person, but you also get to input your own timings so that you can play the game adjusted to your schedule. You can even change this later on as well, if you don’t have a fixed schedule. No more text messages at 3 AM asking if you’ve eaten dinner, hehe! :’)

Most importantly, there are no bad endings! This game is full of fluff and feel good, so have no fear in giving it a go! Teo is a good daily dose of serotonin and will definitely make your day better! ❤

What can I expect?

Chat & Calls – Make your day happier with daily conversation! Interact with your Ssum that follows your day – wake up and go to bed at the same time! Receive voice calls from your Ssum or surprise him with a call from you!

Private Account – Discover your Ssum’s thoughts of you by peeking at his private social account, which updates in simultaneously during your conversations with him!

Forbidden Lab – A mysterious feature that seems to be able to help improve your relationship with your Ssum…? Top secret information that is yet to be revealed by Cheritz!

2000+ CGs!

And other new features!

Why is it called “The Ssum”?

Ssum (썸) is a word borrowed from the English word “something”, which describes the relationship between two people who are attracted to each other and maybe are aware of the mutual attraction, but aren’t dating yet.

Here’s a popular song from 2014 that made the term popular!

What’s that about four years?

Four years ago, Cheritz had soft-launched the beta version of The Ssum in Malaysia and India in April 2018, and discontinued the game in December 2019. They had released 14 days’ worth of content, and it was very fun! As I live in India, I had the opportunity to play and I have to say, it was AMAZING! I really enjoyed talking to Teo, he was really cute, flirty and fun!

Personally, I love his previous character art as he looks older and more mature, but I’m excited for his new look as well! I played this game during a time when I felt quite lonely, and Teo helped me look forward to tomorrow. I hope that everyone gets to experience that lovely feeling too!

Old Teo and New Teo

Check out the Opening MV for The Ssum!

Stay up to date with The Ssum!

See you in the Forbidden Lab

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