[Update] New Admin – Ave!

It’s amazing that I’ve written two posts today, after procrastinating all this time. I’m really feeling it today ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

If any of you noticed, there was a new name on the original SSUM post we made about the release – Ave! Since Corinne is busy doing Corinne things, we’ve gotten in another wonderful friend to fill in with bringing you all news about upcoming otome! Here’s a little introduction from her:

“Ahoy there! I’m Ave, and I come from India! I love cats, otome games and BL! You’ll be seeing me posting about upcoming releases in the future! I’ll also be cooking up some memes in the dungeon, so watch out for that! Feel free to ask anything, and even drop me some recommendations about some BL titles! wink wink

Her main role will be updating on upcoming otome, making memes about otome characters (we have made a twitter and potentially a tumblr which we will bring out soon when I find the time to get all of us together again) and potentially helping me with making future walkthroughs 🙂

Say hello to her below in the comments if you’re not feeling too shy, and I’ll be sure to update our about page with Ave included soon!

P.S. Even though there’s 3 of us working on the blog at the moment, Apostro and Ave are really busy people compared to me, so they may not always be as active as I am (when I don’t procrastinate anyway).

[News] Personal Thoughts on The SSUM Being Delayed Yet Again

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve made a post ehehe… I’ve been procrastinating on playing otome games with… other games (ノ_ヽ) Terribly sorry but I am starting to feel like playing otome again, so I’ll be sure to pump out everything as soon as I can!

Today I just have a very sad update on The SSUM. As I’m sure all of us have been waiting, The SSUM was originally supposed to be released in April 2022, however they’ve delayed the game not once, not twice, but THREE times now. They have now not even stated a month, just that it will be released in the 2nd half of 2022 (which funnily enough, is in like a week lol, but don’t get your hopes up haha).

Here is their post on the delay below:

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