I missed the launch of The Ssum orz

Hey guys, how have you been?

I’m so sad that I missed the launch date of The Ssum, since I was waiting for it for so long ;-; I just didn’t expect it to be any time soon lol, so I invested myself into the new raid that FFXIV brought out =P

I hope you’ve all had the chance to play it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below? (without any spoilers please) ❤

I’ll see if I can get around to making a guide for it; I’m super busy with work and other commitments at the moment, hence why I haven’t been streaming any otome games and such 😦

Anyways, enjoy the game everyone, and hopefully I’ll find the time to upload guides for everything I’ve been playing. I have them saved somewhere, I just haven’t compiled them and transferred them into something pretty on this blog yet I promise ;v;

Bye bye \o/

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