Hi! My names Corinne. I’m an 18 year old girl from New York who loves otome games! I mostly try to translate guides from the Japanese ones for games that have been localized (though it can be quite difficult and not exactly work at times), as well as write reviews/overviews of otome games! Feel free to ask any questions or correct any mistakes in any guides. Please enjoy the games!

(art by Hyanna Natsu)

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Hey~ I’m Jennifer, but you can call me ANYTHING but that (Jen is usually fine). I’m an 18 year old girl from Sydney. Onigiris (riceballs) and otome games are my life ♥ I’m collabing this blog with Corinne, and we’ll be posting walkthrough guides and reviews of each game we play! Hope you guys find them all helpful (^u^)/

Also if you would like to contact me for any questions personally, or would just like a chat, feel free to email me at riceballwannabe@gmail.com!

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Salutations. It is I, the wonderful and amazing Apostro! My friends call me a narcissist, and they’re not wrong. However, it is only natural since I am the most beautiful man in the entire universe! …Well, that is until I found Otome. From then on, I’ve been surrounded by men more beautiful than I. It is quite vexing, but I can’t help falling in love with these boys, all which contain beauty that every man should strive for~ I’ve been passionate about Otome games ever since.
Working alongside with my dearest friends of Otome Dreamworld I’ll be posting walkthroughs, as well as share you some amazing Otome merchandise that are available (something nice to collect and display while admiring their beauty, and to show your love and support).

You are encouraged to contact me if you have any questions, and to praise how great of a person I am. You’re all fabulous people who deserve my attention.

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27 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello~ I’m new here hehe You guys help me a lot during my play to get the best ending
    Well, just curious, if you dont mind, why you guys willing to create walkthrough(s)?
    Once again, I love you guys, my otoge savior! :3


    • Hello! Only 3 years late for this reply, but if you’re still playing otome games, I am planning on reviving this blog and creating new walkthroughs again!


  2. Okay, I glanced quickly through the site and the comments trying to find this so if it has been answered, sorry! I am dying to know what game/media that dog in your website header is from! I would play/watch it for that character alone. Thank you!!


    • Nevermind! I thought that the header was possibly multiple games together but it is in fact Code:Realize as already mentioned. Learn something new ever’day!.


  3. Love the blog! I found you guys while looking for a Rumple walk through for Cinderella Phenomenon! (*^▽^*)

    I wonder what your guys’ thoughts are on more Western visual novels? Something like Rose of Winter (I liked it lots) where it doesn’t look like the traditional Japanese otome style? I want to make my own visual novel that will have a more western, almost realistic art style, but I wonder if people would be turned off from it because of that (⌣_⌣”) thoughts?


    • i think its great! i love seeing western artists taking on the visual novel games and making it their own. there are some gorgeous and amazing games made from western authors, so I say go for it! i know id support it 100% 🙂


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  5. Ello from the US East coast!
    I’m a huge fan and just amazed by the time and effort you’ve put into all of this.it’s mind blowing and very helpful. I just have a quick question. You see I first found this site when looking for a guide for mystic messenger, the only thing is I am kinda confused with your color coding system. Maybe I missed the explanation but is there any way you can describe what each of the colors mean?


    • Sorry, I’m sure by now you don’t even need an answer to this, but I did post like a huge blob on what the colours meant on most of my Mystic Messenger posts. But basically the colours don’t represent a character, it just means that any other text that is in the same colour will appear ONLY if you chose the first set of that colour.


  6. Hi~ I have a little (big) problem with one of those otome games “mystic messenger”, in which I always unlock Yoosung’s route and I don’t know why since I’m trying to unlock Junin’s route. Can you help me to know why? Thanks a lot!


    • this is grossly late but if you mean the banner on the top its a special cg from code: realize! her name is cardia; if you have a vita its an amazing otome i rec checking out!


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  9. Not sure if you’ll answer since I’m pretty sure you guys are busy… but! A little explanation, I found Jen’s walkthroughs and I LOVED them, kind of weird but I don’t like any other walkthroughs but these ones, then I saw Corrine do a review and I thought it was Jen but I saw it wasn’t! Lol, and I saw u actually are collabing here. Just a random question, did u guys meet off the internet and decided to do this together, or have u guys known each other for a while and are good friends?
    I feel embarrassed asking this question because it’s not about a game ><

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahh omg don’t worry! we live quite far apart (rip dat 14 hour time difference), we actually met through a game online called dragon nest like 4 years ago.. she introduced me to otome like 3 wish years ago and a year ago i asked her to make this blog w me! 😀


    • Wow I never even saw this comment until now, since I’m looking through stuff I should update.
      I’m not late or anything, but thanks for the feedback! Really means a lot c:
      I know it is kinda weird, especially with all the colour coding I did (it confused me at times too) but I thought it was different and wanted to test it out – so thanks for an input!
      Aaaand, the rest Corinne explained already 😉


  10. hello! i just wanted to ask this question on here, but is it mandatory for me to participate in all of the chatrooms? because i have school i miss a lot of chats, and i don’t have that much hourglasses as well.


  11. Hello, I’m Hikari and I’m new to this website. I found it while looking for a Mystic Messenger walkthrough and I really have to thank you for that since it helped me a lot! But I’m currently in Zen’s route and I noticed you don’t have a walkthrough for that part, so I thought of doing it myself and sharing it with you so you can post it here. I’m trying to be as thorough as you were, colour-coding everything, etc. So, if you’re interested, tell me and we can talk about it some more. Thanks again for all your hard work!


  12. Hi!! I’m new here to this website so I didn’t know how else to contact you, but just wanted to confirm for you that on your thing about all the text messages between everyone in Mystic Messenger,
    “I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right?” was the correct choice for Jaehee’s message


  13. Hi ^^ girls~! My name is Alexandria and I´m from Colombia, I like so much your web site ❤ that I was thinking, when you ends the walktroughs, you can teach us how to make such wonderfull web site, or vlog, and may be, bring us Diabolik Lovers Walktroughs translations, please I beg you!!! (^人<)〜☆

    Also, thank you so much for the walktroughs in mystic messenger, so much help!!! ❤

    New Follower.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @Alexandria,

      A pleasure to meet you Alexandria! ^^ Thanks so much for your follow c:
      I’m horrible at making websites, so you’ll have to ask Corinne about that – I’m just freeloading and posting stuff on here 😉

      Regarding Diabolik Lovers and the walkthrough translations, we could do the translations if we had time, but I’m very sure that there are a lot of translations out there already which might be better for you to look at. Here’s one you might like – http://akuichansera.tumblr.com/game-translations

      You’re very welcome for the Mystic Messenger walkthroughs, and we hope you enjoy playing your otome games ^^


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