Nightshade – Ishikawa Goemon Route

A coloured choice = The choice that will give favour to your desired character.

First guy I decided to play was Goemon, cause I technically don’t really like his type… But damn, I got played after finishing this route (*´ω`*)

If you would like some general tips to start you off instead of using the walkthrough:

  • Trust him
  • Support him when talking about his past.
  • Play the modest, cute girl who gets shy a lot (during the times he teases you)

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Nightshade Release~

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So the English PC port of this game finally came out 3 days ago on Steam 

Did I also mention that there’s currently a 20% promotion sale for the game right now? =P Currently the game is USD$28, and after promotion will return to USD$35.

Just thought I’d let you guys know about it, and that I’ll also be making a walkthrough for it ~

Also if you would like a recommended route order for playing this game, I would suggest:

Goemon > Hanzo > Kuroyuki > Chojiro > Gekkamaru

Reasons for this will be explained in a review I’ll be making (…sometime soon).

Happy otome gaming!