TAISHO x ALICE ep 2 – Kaguya Walkthrough

Okay, so meeting Kaguya in Cinderella’s route makes me think that he’s definitely the possessive/flirtatious/overbearing type and maybe lowkey yandere or something… idk, I’m probably wrong :’) But normally I dislike flirtatious characters the most… However I said the same thing for Cinderella and he turned out to be completely different than I had imagined (¬‿¬ )

I’m also not very familiar with the fairytale – had to look it up and it looks like it’s derived from the Kaguya-hime fairytale in Japan? I read it on the wiki and I don’t really know what they can do with that fairytale – maybe he’ll actually be a fox (?) or have to return to his own clan or something ┐(‘~`;)┌

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

A/N: There’s actually a lot of extra options that appear in Kaguya’s route, so I encourage you to quick save and explore all of them. I’ll come back and update this walkthrough with my famous colour coding once I’m done with the game.

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TAISHO x ALICE ep 1 – Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

I’m really excited for Red Riding Hood cause all the fanfics and webtoons and other otome games that feature a Red Riding Hood character in it really intrigue me and they always manage to impress me on twists of the character. I’m hoping this game does the same, especially since I think Cinderella was done quite nicely (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

My Route Order:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

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TAISHO x ALICE ep 1 – Cinderella Walkthrough

Hiiii everyone~ First walkthrough since coming back to the blog c: I’m so keen on playing this game as I’ve heard such good reviews about the story. Not sure what the recommended route for this game is, but since it’s released in episodes on PC, I will just follow them and hopefully pick a good order to play through!

In the first episode, you can choose between Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. I’ve chosen Cinderella for my first route, however I’ll make sure to update if Red Riding Hood seems like a better choice!

Route Order I will be playing:
Cinderella > Red Riding Hood > Kaguya > Gretel > Snow White > Wizard > Alice

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