Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – Arsène Lupin Walkthrough


*Note: You must complete other four main routes to unlock Lupin*

Chapter 1 London Steam
Take his hand | Refuse → FIN
Go with Lupin
Allow it

Chapter 2 The Strongest Stalker
“I’m going with Lupin.”

Chapter 3 A Girl’s Education
Ask Lupin to teach me
Ask Lupin to teach me
Remember Van Helsing’s lessons

Chapter 4 Train Robbery
Check on Lupin
Leave the station.
Speak with Lupin

Chapter 5 Vampire Requiem
Think it’s a good idea.
Persuade him.
Don’t ask

Chapter 6 Negotiated Solution
Keep walking down the main street
Can’t let him do this!
Stay at the hotel.

Chapter 7 The Buoyant and the Bellicose
I’m having a lot of fun.
Prepare for a counterattack!

Chapter 8 Nobody Understands the Truth
“Thank you.”

Chapter 9 Forgiveness for the Past
“Twilight is after me.”

Chapter 10 The Fires of Battle
“I want to stay with you.”
Stall for time | Attempt to resist → BAD END 1

Chapter 11 A Hero
“…Thank you.”

Chapter 12 Code: Realize
Don’t take it | Take the pill → BAD END 2

Chapter 13 Warmth
I can’t let him know I’ll become a monster.
Stay Strong | Give up → BAD END 3


Title Screen → Path of Genesis → Arsène Lupin → Chapter 13 → Will you set Lupin’s favor to maximum? → Yes → I can’t tell him that reason… → Stay strong → TRUE END