[Merch] Collar X Malice Merch and More!


Salutations my loyal subjects. It is I, the Great Apostro! OH HO HO HO~
This’ll be my first official post, and it’ll be a magnificent one.  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I love otome, but I’m also a crime-solving mystery genre enthusiast. That is why when I heard about Collar X Malice, I was ecstatic! The two things I’m passionate about were wrapped together so beautifully, with an amazing and thought-provoking story, thrilling mystery, expressive soundtrack, vibrant artwork, and of course, the boys ❤ All of them are so precious! Every character and side-character had depth and you actually feel a connection with them. Playing Collar X Malice was truly a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Hence why I need to get myself some Collar X Malice merch. Pronto! And I want to share with you guys the merchandise they have available so that you can also show your love and support for the game too! (And merch is just nice to have in general).

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