Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Route – Day 10✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is the default story conversation continuing.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included means that I have found every option there is for the conversation. The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.
  • (-H) = Lose a heart.
  • (+1) = Gain a heart.

To find the conversation you are after, CTRL+F the accurate time (e.g. 03:33) from the game; or the name of the conversation.

~Day 10~

~Jaehee’s Trust (00:10) – Jaehee

Jaehee, V was just here.
Jaehee, did you hear from Yoosung yet? (+1 Yoosung)

There is nothing for you to be sorry about. (+1 Jaehee)
This is really difficult.. (+1 Yoosung)

They will return. (+1 Yoosung)
Well… We’ll just have to stop everything~ (+1 Yoosung)

It’s hard to stay in an organisation that’s under threat. (+1 Yoosung)
Thank you for telling me that. (+1 Jaehee)

Everything will be fine, Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
Bye, Jaehee.

~ Visual Novel Mode – Yoosung ~

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