Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – Saint Germain Walkthrough


Chapter 1 London Steam
(Save 1)*
Take his hand
Allow it

*Save here to start all main routes for efficiency*

Chapter 2 The Strongest Stalker
“I’ll accompany Impey.”
Come out.

Chapter 3 A Girl’s Education
Ask Saint-Germain to teach me
Go to Central London
Ask Saint-Germain to teach me

Chapter 4 Train Robbery
Can’t decide
Check on Saint-Germain
Leave the station.
Speak with Saint-Germain

Chapter 5 Vampire Requiem
Isn’t there another way?
Persuade him.
Ask about his past

Chapter 6 Negotiated Solution
Run into a back alley

Chapter 7 The Buoyant and the Bellicose
I don’t really understand.
Assist with repairs

Chapter 8 Nobody Understands the Truth
“Thank you.”

Chapter 9 Twilight
“Have you always lived in London?”
…will stay here | …want to go back to the old mansion → BAD END 1
Resist | Don’t resist → BAD END 2

Chapter 10 Seeker
“I can’t.”
Try picking the lock. | Keep using the poison. → BAD END 3

Chapter 11  Saint-Germain

Chapter 12 Time For Decision
Don’t hesitate | I’m still uncertain → BAD END 4

Chapter 13 Promise
…accept the terms.


Title Screen → Path of Genesis → Saint-Germain → Chapter 13 → Will you set Saint-Germain’s favor to maximum? → No → …reject her terms → NORMAL END