I missed the launch of The Ssum orz

Hey guys, how have you been?

I’m so sad that I missed the launch date of The Ssum, since I was waiting for it for so long ;-; I just didn’t expect it to be any time soon lol, so I invested myself into the new raid that FFXIV brought out =P

I hope you’ve all had the chance to play it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below? (without any spoilers please) ❤

I’ll see if I can get around to making a guide for it; I’m super busy with work and other commitments at the moment, hence why I haven’t been streaming any otome games and such 😦

Anyways, enjoy the game everyone, and hopefully I’ll find the time to upload guides for everything I’ve been playing. I have them saved somewhere, I just haven’t compiled them and transferred them into something pretty on this blog yet I promise ;v;

Bye bye \o/

[Update] New Admin – Ave!

It’s amazing that I’ve written two posts today, after procrastinating all this time. I’m really feeling it today ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

If any of you noticed, there was a new name on the original SSUM post we made about the release – Ave! Since Corinne is busy doing Corinne things, we’ve gotten in another wonderful friend to fill in with bringing you all news about upcoming otome! Here’s a little introduction from her:

“Ahoy there! I’m Ave, and I come from India! I love cats, otome games and BL! You’ll be seeing me posting about upcoming releases in the future! I’ll also be cooking up some memes in the dungeon, so watch out for that! Feel free to ask anything, and even drop me some recommendations about some BL titles! wink wink

Her main role will be updating on upcoming otome, making memes about otome characters (we have made a twitter and potentially a tumblr which we will bring out soon when I find the time to get all of us together again) and potentially helping me with making future walkthroughs 🙂

Say hello to her below in the comments if you’re not feeling too shy, and I’ll be sure to update our about page with Ave included soon!

P.S. Even though there’s 3 of us working on the blog at the moment, Apostro and Ave are really busy people compared to me, so they may not always be as active as I am (when I don’t procrastinate anyway).

[News] Personal Thoughts on The SSUM Being Delayed Yet Again

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve made a post ehehe… I’ve been procrastinating on playing otome games with… other games (ノ_ヽ) Terribly sorry but I am starting to feel like playing otome again, so I’ll be sure to pump out everything as soon as I can!

Today I just have a very sad update on The SSUM. As I’m sure all of us have been waiting, The SSUM was originally supposed to be released in April 2022, however they’ve delayed the game not once, not twice, but THREE times now. They have now not even stated a month, just that it will be released in the 2nd half of 2022 (which funnily enough, is in like a week lol, but don’t get your hopes up haha).

Here is their post on the delay below:

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[Stream] So How Twitch is Gonna Work…

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good day today! Just a quick update on how badly I streamed today and totally didn’t prepare for it for how streaming will work.

Soooo… since I totally went in without preparing much for streaming as I’m terrible at setting stuff up, I ended up spending 20min trying to set up basic things whilst live on stream, being too shy to talk and comment while playing, and I also realised something…

I can’t make walkthroughs quick if I’m streaming the games all the time 😀 I’m so stupid haha. I guess I was just too keen on trying to make this blog alive again, so I went in without planning. Oopsie.

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[Update] How to Revive a Dead Blog in 2021

Anime Peek GIF - Anime Peek Hiding - Discover & Share GIFs

H-hello everyone… no time no see ;u;
I hope you’ve all been well these past few years.

It’s been 5 years since I last posted, and like 6 or 7 since I was actively making walkthroughs on this blog. Five years since Corinne or Apostro (who literally had only just joined) has posted on here too. We are very sorry for not updating in so long, and never responding to some emails or comments :c Please don’t hate us… or me specifically since I’ve seen some emails and have cried over never responding.

Life has happened, and I guess we had just gone off on our own ways so we just stopped… UNTIL NOWWW!

I’m finally in a place where I can dedicate some time every week to creating more content for you guys to read. Whether that will be walkthroughs for old games that you can already access on other websites (cough cough MysMe stuff) or brand new stuff, I’d like to try and get back into it. I spoke to Corinne and Apostro and both would be happy to get back into it, though they may be joining a little bit later.

I’ve also decided to start streaming some otome games on Twitch for everyone to fangirl together with once a week, which will take place every Wednesday at some time in GMT+10 (please refer to a time converter for hour differences). I’ll update times whenever I decide on a set time – for now I’ll just stream whenever I am able to. I’ll be using my personal Twitch channel for these streams UNTIL Corinne and Apostro rejoin me, then we will make an OtomeDreamworld twitch channel. If you are interested in watching, or even just coming in to say hello, please feel free to come join my first session here tomorrow! I will also post up the channel on our Facebook page when I go live, so if you haven’t liked our page yet, be sure to 😀

I’ve updated how streaming is going to work on this post here, so please refer to this if you are interested in how we are going to stream.

As for our Discord that we had planned on making – WE DID HAVE IT MADE, just never opened it up lol. I’ll add a link to join the Discord up later and hopefully we can start talking to you all!

As for the game I’ll be playing for tomorrow’s first stream, it will be Taisho x Alice Part 1. If you haven’t heard of the game and would like to check it out, check out their Steam page! I’ve been waiting for the game to release in English for so long I didn’t even know it had fully been released on Steam in parts already lmao. Not sure how the game’s structure goes, but I hope to get at least the common route done until I stop. I know it’s a bit of a short notice for a first session, but I hope some of you are able to make it! I will be releasing a walkthrough with it as well just so that our website has it.

We are really excited to make a comeback for this blog and start fangirling on otome games with you all again, so please give us some time to get back and bustling and in the groove of everything again!

Looking forward to posting for you all again,
Jen 🙂

[Update] A New Admin?!


HELLO! Yes, we have very exciting news! A new admin is now joining the crew of Otome Dreamworld! As you may be able to tell, me and Jen have been busy and not able to make guides for the countless amount of game releases, so we’ve recruited a new friend to come help us out and also add some new content for us as well! I’ll allow him to give a brief introduction:

“It is I, the Great Apostro! It’s your pleasure to have me here. I’ll be helping out by posting walkthroughs and share awesome otome merch with you, and where you can buy them. I might even do unboxings~ I know you’re all looking forward to my posts :heart: OH HO HO HO~”

Let’s all welcome Apostro to the family!

Speaking of family, we will finally be opening our discord server very soon! Please keep a watch out for the post with the launch and come join us to talk about all your favorite otome games and characters! We hope to continue to grow as a blog and community, and greatly appreciate all the support you guys have given!



[News] Mystic Messenger: V Route Announced!


Update: The route sadly got postponed till September, though the opening for his route has been released! It is sung by V and Rika’s voice actors! I am a bit skeptical still, though hopefully the route will be a much happier and healthier ending!

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been very active as I have a lot going on and not a great flow of money to be able to purchase and make guides for the many otome releases, BUT I have some wonderful news to share with you!

If you’ve seen my post critiquing Mystic Messenger you know I feel quite strongly about V, and Cheritz has recently added a “Coming Soon” with a date sometime next month for a release of his own route! They haven’t released many details on the route thus far, but I am both excited and scared for this route.

I plan on writing a review of my feelings on the route, as I found the secret endings and treatment of V in general to be quite horrid, so I have very high hopes for his route! Though with those endings in mind I’m also worried that they will bring in complicated subjects they aren’t well informed on to use as plot device, or just flunk at writing his character. I’ve played all of Cheritz’ games and I enjoyed them all, though, so I do hope for the best!

Guide wise I’m not entirely sure. I believe Jen may want to write a guide. I wouldn’t mind writing my own, though the format would most likely be quite different from her’s and I don’t wanna mix them together, but I’m sure you’ll see something in the future to help you progress through his route.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. Thank for reading!


[Update] Comments, Comments, Comments


Hello guys! I just wanted to make a short little update. We’ve gotten a TON  of comments, and couldn’t keep up. We had 200+ unanswered.. rip. I went through and approved them all. Me and Jen are going to try and keep up with them now, but we still get a lot per day and are busy with school and such, so please be a bit patient! Also, before commenting, just make sure to read the text Jen puts at the beginning to explain about the guides if you have any issues with that.

Otherwise, thank you all so much for the support! We never thought the blog would get this many views ;;. So thank you all, and see you soon!

Update – Mystic Messenger out on iOS!


Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Mystic Messenger is now available on the app store for Apple devices! If you’re like me, you’ve probably been suffering watching everyone play while you cry onto your iPhone screen. Okay, but really, it has been postponed for pretty long so I’m more than ecstatic to finally be able to play!

With this release, I should also be able to help out Jen with the remaining guides. The process is super tedious and three conversations in I craved death, so please take this moment to thank Jen for enduring all that suffering for the good of easy-to-follow walkthroughs for all your otome needs.

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