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🃏 Amnesia: Memories 🃏

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💌 Mystic Messenger 💌


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50 thoughts on “Walkthroughs

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  4. Okay a question does someone know how to get more hourglasses
    (i already did click on the party guests and i used the hearts but i don’t want to spend money bc i’m broke but i also want to play the deep route)


  5. Hey,
    thank you for your hard work, relly like the walkthoug. Right now I am doing Mystik Messenger – Zen Route the Days 6-10 do not seem to be linked (I cannot access the website).

    Maybe that is only me or they are not finsihed yet?
    Just for you to know.
    Best wishes,


  6. I have a general question though related for Mystic Messenger.

    I missed out on the Valentine’s Day DLC and I was hoping that I might be able to play it later on. Do you think that Cheritz will be bringing it back or should I just never hope for it to come back again?



  7. Will you be doing a V Route walkthrough now that Another Story is released? Do you just go chat by chat, noting down the options and what your answers did, but not save and just restart the app and choose different answers, going with the best options to get to the end?


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  9. The weirdest thing just happened. I had just finished Jumin’s route yesterday, then I went to purchase the April Fools DLC afterwards I received a call from Jaehee when I haven’t even started any routes even the DLC, then when the call ended I was led to the messenger app (the chat, email and message feature) and all of them had a message for me. Lol a glitch?

    Oh by the way while in Jumin’s route near the end I kept worrying about 707 and was wondering about who went to Saeran. I think it’s 707 tho… My worry was because of what Saeran said at the end of the VN “or betray the RFA” 😵😵😵 and I also heard that on Jumin’s Day 10 there’s a call you make to 707 which he’s heartbroken saying things like “you don’t care about me” and “you care only about Jumin” If I had known about this I would’ve made the call but alas. The only way to get it now is to take Jumin’s route again 😭😭😭


    • there arent mobile games quite like mm though there are tons on the app store! if you have steam on your pc, i do reccommend checking out cheritz other games: Dandelion and Nameless! theyre both amazing games if you can buy them 🙂


  10. I don’t know if you have free time. But pleaseeeeeee continue with other characters >…< I always miss their dialogs QAQ


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  12. Hi!! I just started playing mystic messenger your walk through was very helpful!! i was wandering what will happened if i skipped the prologue? my phone keeps on logging the game and i have to download the app 3 times :(( that’s why on the last download i skipped the prologue but i’m currently on day 1 and so far i received 5 hearts was the prologue really important or not? hope you’ll answer my question :))


  13. Hello! I greatly appreciate your efforts and the walkthrough on mystic messenger. It has helped and is currently helping me through thick and thin! By any chance, do you know which person screams “BOOM!” at the title page and then laughs? Here I am, sitting alone on my bed in the dark (giving no concerns to my already poor eyesight!), I began performing my nightly routine of checking my messages–only to be scared half to death!! Just thought that I’ll check cause it was outside the norms of soft, sweet, and sexy! (I was too shocked to verify if it was 707 or not…)


    • I’m pretty sure it’s 707. LOL
      Only he would do something like that :’)
      And if it isn’t him – my 2nd guess would be Zen.

      But I’m like 90% sure it’s 707.
      Also, thank you very much ❤ Glad it's helped you a lot~


  14. Hello!!
    I’m playing mystic messenger and got yoosung on char route, actually i want it to be Zen 😥
    And i want to ask, After i finished yoosung route, do i really need to start over again to get another char??
    Thank you 🙂


  15. Hiii, i really love your walkthroughs, they’re really helpful.

    I keep getting these notifications like “I’ll be straight froward, do you have any feelings for Zen” and these messages come in groups of like 15, so my phone goes ballistic.

    When I click on them, they just lead me to the app and nothing else.

    Should I be worried??


  16. Thanks you for making These!
    I’m playing this game for the first time and really like it ^^ (sadly I got yoosung.. not my fav)
    But.. I see it’s a good idea to play Zen next and I want to ask if you have some pointers ?

    You sad that with 707 you kinda need to joke when he is and be serious when he is.. and with yoosung it’s important not to become Rika..
    I was hoping that you had something like that to tell me about Zen?


    • Sorry, I didn’t really have time to go through the conversations and do Zen’s yet.
      And again, late response – I’m sorry. By now, I’m sure you’ve checked other guides, and there are some really good ones ^^


  17. Umm i want to ask there is like in the route three options there is two from them give heart to the same character so what i want to ask is .. Is it ok just to choice anyone from it or no ? >< im really lost and sorry my English not good and thanks


  18. Hihi!! For mystic messenger I’m currently doing a walk through for Jumin. If you want me to send it to you when I’m done, I’ll be more than happy to! ^^


  19. I played the deep story in mystic messenger. Is there an order of character that I have to go through (such as having to go through Jumin’s route and then 707’s?) Because I thought that I can just do 707’s route as long as I earned the most heart for him during days 1 to 4. I know for sure that I earned more hearts from 707 than Jumin during those 4 days (I followed your walk through to get 707 and barely chose any options for jumin) but it keeps bringing me to Jumin’s route.


    • Sorry for the late response. I’m sure you got it by now, but to clarify:

      No, there is no specific character route. You must be choosing answers that suit Jumin more in some way. Make sure all the hearts you get are for him – and try not to get anything for Jumin, without losing any for 707 either.

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    • I know I’m almost a year late but, I’m also fairly certain I got more hearts for 707 than for Jumin and I still got Jumin’s route. My theory is that even though I got more hearts for Seven, I answered texts/messages with replies that indicated I was interested in Jumin and tried my darnest to avoid answers which showed my interest in Seven. I feel like this somehow affected the algorithm and I got Jumin’s route.


      • Hmm, I tried like 4 times before I got Jumin… I only got 707 (God7? Cx) so I don’t belive there is a special way to do them


  20. Hello~ im playin mystic messenger thanks to u i already finish my fav chara~~~ ah i tried to play again and got bad ending asap cz im totally ignore the prologue walk through and met saeran on the elevator 😧😧😧😧 it’s really short lol if i found something for the answer section I’ll tell u~ thanks again~


    • I heard you can get a bad ending by refusing to accept Unknowns orders…. that can also be done by skipping the prologue…. so make sure u start the game nice and clear.


    • Sorry for not replying TT…
      I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten Jumin’s good ending by now, but I won’t be continuing until the start of November.

      If you still need tips:
      – Don’t give in to Jumin with his possessive side xD
      – Always talk good about the cat.
      – I’m sorry, but you’re probably going to have to be a bitch to Jaehee in this route. (If you’re like me and can’t stand it, just juggle between being nice to her and agreeing with Jumin).

      Liked by 1 person

      • This is probably far too late, as well, but..
        In addition, Jumin is the type that is rational, sure he has a kink daddy controlling reputation, but he’s the type that if you offer a sound alternative to his decisions, he respects you for it and considers it. PLUS, he became successful because he valued his work (it’s not just because he was born to it), so anything that values work ethics, choices that are business-oriented, respectful of him as a HUMAN and not as an unlimited piggy bank will get you the good hearts. Don’t treat him like he is a spoiled brat who just got everything he wanted, like I said, he’s still a human being and he worked hard to get to where he is now. Lastly, be understanding, and forgiving of his actions, but be rational too.

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    • There’s a fanfiction at fanfiction.net about Jumin’s route which I’m using as a guide on my answers right now. It’s not finished, but it’s as good as it gets, I suppose. It’s titled Learning How to Love by Minnie3171 and I’ve safely avoided the bad end on the 8th day
      Tho the story starts when the MC goes to Jumin’s place.


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